Pre-order: Robotic Coffee Bar
Pre-order: Robotic Coffee Bar
Pre-order: Robotic Coffee Bar

Pre-order: Robotic Coffee Bar

Regular price $5,000.00

Standard: $225,000
Standard + Modular Shelf: $230,000

Robotic Coffee Bar pre-orders require an initial $5,000 or $5,500 credit card payment, plus a $185,000 wire transfer payment due by November 30, 2020. Any remaining balance will be due prior to shipment. Pre-orders are not final until the wire transfer payment is received.

Cafe X will start production of the Robotic Coffee Bar in December 2020 and start shipping to customers in Q1 2021.

Cafe X will contact international customers to coordinate export/import details on a case by case basis. 

The Standard configuration includes the following beverage making equipment

  • 2 espresso machines with a total of 4 coffee bean hoppers, dual milk systems, and powder hoppers for products such as matcha and chocolate.
  • A 4-product fully-automated tap tower that serves kegged beverages. 2 of the 4 beverage options can be infused with nitrogen.
  • A 45 lbs (can be configured for 90 lbs) full 1'' cube ice dispenser and cold water dispenser. 
  • 6 configurable cup dispensers with support for 8 oz, 12 oz, and 16 oz paper and plastic single-use cups. Cafe X recommends using Cafe X approved cups. 
  • 1 Cafe X POS system for customers to order and pay on-site. Additional POS system can be purchased. 

The Standard + Modular Shelf configuration includes everything in the Standard configuration with an additional modular shelf for serving pastries, snacks, oatmeal, or whatever fits into the specifically designed packaging. 

Operational Support
Cafe X will offer installation support, training, on-going remote technical support, spare parts, and menu set up support. Customers can use Cafe X's suggested menu or choose to use their own consumables, so long as they are compatible with the hardware. 

Once a Robotic Coffee Bar is in operation, Cafe X will charge a monthly Operational Support fee starting at US$1,000 per month to provide remote support and on-site support as needed to ensure the optimal performance of your Robotic Coffee Bar. The Operational Support Fee also includes the ability for customers to place orders to your Robotic Coffee Bar via the Cafe X mobile app. 

*Furniture (chairs, table, and carpet) in the images is not included and the plant is not included either. Sorry.